ST JOHN'S CHURCH, WEST GRIMSTEAD - Marriages 1900 - 1982

Original Registers held at Wiltshire and Swindon Records Office

CHURCH BAPTISMS 1717-1799 BAPTISMS 1800-1899 BAPTISMS 1900-1915 MARRIAGES 1622-1799 mARRIAGES 1800-1899 BURIALS 1622-1799 BURIALS 1800-1899 BURIALS 1900-1983 INDEX

Feb 14 Harry Alfred HUMBY of Shirley, Southampton & Rosa TUCKER Witnesses Thomas White & Laura Tucker

Feb 18 George WEEKS,widower of Bulford & Caroline Louisa THOMAS Witnesses George Thomas & Edward Mussell


Nov 5 William George GAMBLING of Salisbury & Clara Ethel THOMAS Witnesses Reuben Beauchamp & Annie Martha Thomas


Apr 13 William Harridge PHILLIPS of Portsea & Clara Arabella READ Witnesses D.J.Read & Henry Harridge Phillips

Jun 15 Josiah BAILEY, wid of Fordingbridge & Edna Whitlock READ by licence.Witnesses David James Read & Harriet Elizabeth Read.


May 1 Sidney Alfred BURCH of Salisbury & Annie Martha THOMAS Witnesses George Thomas & Herbert Vincent

Jun 11 Sidney Walter WILTSHIRE of Southampton & Julia TUCKER Witnesses Robert Harry Wiltshire & Amelia Eliza Spalding


Feb 7 James BUNDY of Wimbledon & Mary Ann TUCKER Witnesses Thomas White & Louisa Tucker

Nov 18 William Henry MANN & Hester TUCKER Witnesses Thomas White & Arthur white


Apr 24 James COSGROVE of Westerham, Kent &Nellie Emily VINEY Witnesses William Cosgrove & Fanny Edith Viney


Oct 6 Tom EARLEY & Ellen Keturah SOUTHWELL Witnesses Alfred J.Southwell & Nellie Light


Nov 11 Ernest Charles TUCKER & Beatrice Ellen GARTREY Witnesses Reginald Gartret & Jacob J. Gartrey


Jul 1 Franck EARLEY of St Pauls, Chatham & Nellie LIGHT Witnesses George Light & Kate Light

Jul 20 Sidney herbert MUSSELWHITE of Fisherton Anger & Henrietta Mary GARTREY Witnesses Jacob James Gartrey & Sarah Maria Hatcher


Aug 1 Richard Biddlecombe ETHERIDGE & Bessie Elizabeth ORCHARD Witnesses Amy Ellen Kellaway & Barter George Orchard

Nov 14 Albert John Bryant EMM & Daisy Eliza HOLMES of East Grimstead Witnesses George Noyce & Ida Alice Noyce


Dec 28 Thomas Hector JENKINS of Llangynwyd Maesteg & Florence Mary Constance MILES Witnesses Phyllis Miles, Mary Adelaid Thomas & others


Jan 24 Frederick George DURDIN & Muriel Dorothy GARTREY Witnesses R.F.Durdin, B.E.Tucker & Jacob James Gartrey

Mar 21 Oscar PARSONS of St Marks, Sarum & Laura WILLIAMSON Witnesses O.Parsons & F.J.Tomkins

Aug 25 Walter Tom SCADDEN, wid of Edgeware, Middlesex & Winifred Mary CURTIS Witnesses Archer William Curtis & Daisy Mabel Scadden


Apr 5 John Henry DURSTON of Alderbury & Kathleen Constance MOXHAM by licence M.Green & W.H.Pitman


Feb 21 Robert Thomas BAKER of Rogate, Sussex & Norah Friend TOZER Witnesses Thomas W.Tozer, Edith M.Baker & Mary Louise Tozer

Sep 25 Richard Herbert COOMBS & Alice Matilda BROWN of Whiteparish Charlie Beauchamp & Amy Elizabeth Brown


Sep 30 William George BUNDY & Alice Bell CHAMBERS Witnesses Charlotte Wilson & Walter Jesper

I have transcribed the Church marriages up to 1982 (Registers lodged with Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office). If you would like me to make a search of these later marriages please email me