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A few years ago I was given a copy of a Methodist Class Book.........


This was found by a gentleman browsing a boot sale in Wokingham some ten years ago. It caught his eye and on instinct, being from a Methodist family himself, he decided to buy it. The pages list members of a bible class and is dated from March 1906 to December 1910.  It doesn't say on it where the book originated from, but with the publication of the 1901 census and using the names in the book, the gentleman decided to try and locate its home.  He discovered many of people named in the book living in West Grimstead at that time.




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On doing a 'Google' search for West Grimstead he came across this website and got in touch with me offering to send me the book if I would like it.   When it arrived I found many family names.  How did this little book get to be in a book sale in Wokingham? We may never know.

The book was kept up to date by John Penn, my husband's great uncle, and in a little envelope built into the back cover of the book are all the membership cards of the people listed on the pages.